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This is what we wanted to do on career day. Not you.

Our Why

Our passion comes from the ability to empower entrepreneurs with the financial insights they need to grow.

Ceterus Accountants

Executive Team

We are the people in front of our tech solution who understand the unique financial reporting needs of a small business or franchise owner. Consider Ceterus your financial sensei.

+ Our Dedicated Support Team


Technology is an important part of Ceterus. But our people are what make the difference. The dedicated team of Ceterites includes accountants, customer support, product development, and more.  Their goal is to deliver the very best for our customers, stay on top of technology and create an atmosphere of winning!

What's behind the name?

Think et cetera … Ceterus is a Latin word meaning "the rest." 


We provide the financial insights you need, in addition to accurate and on-time reporting. That way you can focus on “the rest.”

Ceterus South Carolina Best Places To Work

Our Core Values



We hold the results of our work as the ultimate value. We always deliver what we promise to our clients, staff and vendors. To achieve this we manage what we promise to ensure we can deliver it, while adhering to our other core values of accuracy, independence, efficiency and flexibility.



The business we are in starts and ends with accuracy, without it we fail. We pay attention to detail and ensure that when we are done, it's right.



We utilize technology to make what we do as efficient as possible. We appreciate doing something faster each time but we love doing something better.



We value independence and taking responsibility for our work, clients, and fellow staff. We understand when it makes sense to do, inform, or ask.



Individual contribution is not measured by the number of minutes you sit at a desk, but by your output and ultimately your results. With flexibility, comes a high level of trust and autonomy.

Do you have the expertise to become a financial sensei?

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Ceterus named to Inc. 5000
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