Terms & Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy for “Edge Assistant", a skill for Amazon Alexa

These Terms & Conditions of Use (“the Terms”) are collectively an agreement between you and Ceterus, Inc., a Delaware corporation having offices at 804 Meeting Street Suite 201, Charleston, SC 29403 (“Ceterus” or “us” or “we”) and governs your use of the Edge Assistant Skill  (the “Skill”) to access our Edge cloud bookkeeping and reporting solution (“Edge”) on Amazon’s Alexa service (“Alexa”) through Alexa-enabled devices (“Device(s)”). These Terms apply in addition to, and are not intended to replace, any other agreements that you may have with Ceterus.


Before using the Skill, please read these Terms, our standard terms and conditions for use of Ceterus products and services, and our privacy policy.


Your use of the Skill is conditioned on your acceptance of these Terms. If you do not accept these terms, you may not use the Skill.


The Edge Assistant Skill

The Skill allows you to use your Alexa-enabled device(s) to communicate with Ceterus, by voice, regarding the financial reporting and key performance indicators of businesses with which you have engaged Ceterus to perform services. To use the Skill, you will have to speak commands and questions aloud to Alexa, and you will receive responses aloud.



Our standard terms and conditions for use of Ceterus products and services are incorporated by reference into these Terms. Your assent to these terms is required to use the Skill.


You must enable the Skill within Alexa to use it. It is not possible to cause the Skill to be enabled simply by connecting Edge and Alexa. If you wish to discontinue use of the skill, we recommend that you formally disconnect Edge and Alexa following the procedures provided in our Edge Mobile app and then disable the Skill in Alexa.


To access Edge via the Skill, you must (1) have an active Edge user account, (2) be enrolled in bookkeeping services with us, (3) be 18 years of age or older , (4) be lawfully present in the United States, (5) have our authorization to use the Skill which we manage within Edge and (6) have an Alexa-enabled device, an internet connection, and an Amazon account. You cannot use the Skill otherwise.  If any of these requirements cease to be met, we may immediately terminate your access to Edge through the Skill.


Use of Skill is NOT Required for Ceterus Products and Services

All products and services we have agreed to provide to you are available through platforms and communication channels that do not require the Skill. We do not require you to consume our products and services via this Skill.

Authentication and Authorization

To use the Skill, you must authorize Alexa to access Edge. This authorization is done using our Edge Mobile application. You’ll need to login to Edge using your Edge credentials, which might not be, and hopefully are not, the same credentials as those which you use to login to Alexa or any of Amazon’s services. We do not permit setup of the Skill directly with Alexa using only your voice or to setup the Skill without having to access our Edge application.


Your Edge credentials are not stored on any Device(s), in Alexa, or in Amazon’s systems.  Instead, Alexa will have a unique token specific to our Edge platform and your Edge account. If you ever believe your connection between Alexa and Edge has been compromised, send a technical support ticket to us and we can revoke the connection.


Once the Skill is activated, we do not authenticate you using your voice. Your voice is only used to activate Alexa’s features and use the Skill. Because we do not authenticate you using your voice, any communication to Ceterus via Alexa using our Skill will be treated by us as a communication made and authorized by you, and any communication from Ceterus via Alexa using our Skill in response to a request received from your Alexa-enabled devices will be treated by us as a communication to you.


Once you set up your Device(s) with the Skill, you are authorizing Ceterus to provide information to the Device(s) based on the security settings of the Device(s). For example,the settings on your device may allow the device to retrieve information based on only verbal requests from anyone who uses your device, or to save information for easier access. By enabling the Skill, you are responsible for how the Skill is used (including any communication with us from your device). Any voice that is able to activate Alexa’s features can be used with the Skill. This means that any person who can interact with any of your Devices can use the Skill.



Your interactions with Edge and us via the Skill are subject to our Privacy Policy. Use of the Skill entails the transmission of personal data and financial, accounting and operational data about your business (collectively Data).  We will use the Data which you have provided to us for the purposes of fulfilling our bookkeeping and reporting services to you. We will use your data to understand how we can improve our products and our services to you. We may also use the information for internal research. We may use the Data to provide you with information that we may consider useful to you. If services are provided by a separate accounting business (a Partner firm) using our platform, we may provide any or all of the data you provide us to the Partner firm performing services for you. We may use the Data to manage the security of our applications. We may use the Data to comply with a lawful request for information from a court of competent jurisdiction.


We may collect tracking information that is specific to use of Edge through Alexa, which we may use and store in the same manner as existing tracking information when you use Edge over the web or via mobile device.


By installing the Skill, you are authorizing us to perform the actions and/or share with Amazon the information communicated to us, or requested from Edge or us. We’re going to send that information through Amazon over the Internet. Any information you request you authorize us to release that information to Amazon.


Because it is possible that someone other than you could interact with Ceterus via the Skill, it is possible that someone other than you could obtain information that the Skill provides. In addition, it is possible someone could overhear you using the Skill or overhear responses provided to you over your Devices. It is also possible that Alexa (and the equipment Alexa is installed on) and/or Amazon will record your interactions with the Skill or with Alexa. Consult your agreements with Amazon to learn more about how Amazon and your Alexa-enabled device treat those interactions.


We may seek your constructive feedback on the Skill, including problems you encounter, aspects that work well, and suggestions for improving it. You agree that we may contact you from time to time about your experience with the Skill via the methods you have authorized us to contact you for your bookkeeping and reporting services, including but not limited to email. We may use your feedback in any permissible way that these Terms and our Privacy Policy provide.


Data Storage

We do not instruct Alexa to store any of your business’s accounting data on any Device(s) or any storage solutions that Amazon may provide. You are responsible for the privacy and security of any information obtained using our skill once we transmit it to you using Alexa.



We did not design, code, or manufacture Alexa or any Device(s), and we have no control over Alexa or any Device(s).  It’s possible that Alexa will not hear you correctly, will incorrectly process what you said, or even respond to you with something different than the information we provided to Alexa. In addition, other software running on your Device(s) and other applications or skills that may use Alexa, none of which we designed, coded, or manufactured or over which we exert control, may impact your use of the Skill. By accepting these Terms, you understand and agree that Ceterus is not responsible for inaccuracies in your interactions with us via the Skill.



We are making the Skill available following our own testing and review. It’s possible that there will be bugs. In addition to the possibility of Alexa processing requests from you or responses from us incorrectly, there is the possibility that we may process a request or return a response incorrectly or that the Skill might not work at all. By using the Skill, you’re accepting the risk that bugs result in incorrect information being delivered to you or information not being delivered to you at all.


Tech Support

We may provide technical and other support for the Skill. You agree to abide by any support rules and policies. Support for the skill is in addition to any normal support for Edge and the services we provide. We have no obligation to provide support for the Skill when it does not preclude the delivery of our products and services to you. This means we may request that you not use the Skill to access our products and services.


Accounting and Financial Information

Our Skill has the ability to provide you with accounting information about your business. This accounting information is constructed from data sourced from financial transaction aggregators, point of sale systems, payroll providers, and the accounting records that we or a Partner firm maintain as part of services to you. Delivery of this information requires you to be lawfully present in the United States and we prohibit the use of the Skill from outside the United States.


The information is only as accurate as the data that is sourced and is only as current as the times during which these data sources are available and when we connect to them. We do not connect to our data sources on a real-time basis. Sometimes data sources become unavailable and as a result information may be delayed or missing.


Because the information obtained using the Skill is financial and accounting information, the information has the potential to be used in business decisions. The Skill is subject to accuracy limitations as described in these Terms, and it is possible that inaccuracies are material.  Information obtained using this Skill should be thoughtfully reviewed and considered if it is to play a role in a significant business decision. No assurance is provided regarding the correctness or completeness of financial or accounting information. 


Disclaimer of Warranty




We take seriously the protection of your information. We engage in security practices that reduce the risk of theft or loss of information.  As our products and services utilize the Internet and third-party system, we cannot warrant or guarantee complete security of information you provide to us or that we return to you. Nothing contained in these Terms is intended to create a contract or agreement between us and you or any user providing identifiable information in any form whether a natural person or a business.



It is our policy to comply with any lawful request for information from a government or law enforcement agency. This compliance may entail disclosure of information without your permission when we, in our sole discretion, believe it to be necessary or appropriate to respond to valid claims and legal processes. This includes actions we may assert to protect our rights.


We will comply with the objectives of our Privacy Policy and other policies we may have now or in the future which do not constitute enforceable obligations; however, to the extent permitted by law, nothing in these Terms is intended to hold us liable for any failure to comply with our Privacy Policy or any other policy.


Trademark Information

Ceterus trademarks and graphics used in connection with the Skill are the property of Ceterus. Trademarks and graphics of our Partner firms are the property of those firms and are used with permission. All other trademarks and graphics used are the property of their respective owners.


Electronic Records and Signatures

By accepting these Terms, you consent to the general use of electronic records and signatures in our relationship with you.


Changes or Amendments

We may change, suspend, or discontinue the Skill, or any part of it, at any time without notice. We may amend any of these Terms at our sole discretion by posting the revised terms on our website at  www.ceterus.com. Your continued use of the Skill after the effective date of the revised Terms constitutes acceptance of them.



The agreement constituted by these Terms will automatically terminate without notice if you fail to comply with any of the Terms. In case of such termination, we may immediately revoke your access to the Skill. You forfeit all rights and benefits under these Terms upon termination.  Termination may occur as a result of force majeure.


Governing Law; Jurisdiction; Venue 

These Terms are subject to the same provisions regarding governing law, jurisdiction and venue as our general terms and conditions for all our products and services.








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