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Meet the premier
done-for-you accounting solution for multi-unit franchise businesses.

Save money on your tax returns

Get FREE tax returns for all your locations!

Whether you still need help with your 2018 taxes or want to make sure you're covered for 2019—we can help.

Ceterus provides franchisees with a done-for-you accounting and benchmarked reporting solution.

How it Works

Ceterus pairs people with technology to deliver a done-for-you accounting solution with benchmarked reporting designed for multi-unit franchises. 

Professional Team

A team of experienced franchise accountants and customer care professionals dedicated to your success.


Cutting Edge Technology

Get consolidated financial and transaction data from each of your franchise locations, with detailed statements and performance benchmarks.


Done-for-you Solution

No one to manage. No manual entry. All your financials across all your locations—done.

Less chaos. More insight.

Managing multiple franchise businesses can be chaotic.  We built Edge so you can hone in on exactly where you're over- and under-performing at each of your locations.

With anytime, anywhere access for the
on-the-go entrepreneur, these critical insights are always in your pocket.  

A Closer Look

Bottom line: Understanding the financial health of your franchises drives better decisions. Get insights including:  

• Multi-Unit Financial Reports

• Benchmark Dashboards and Reporting

• Daily Cash and Daily Sales

• Cash Forecasting

• Continuous Account Reconciliations

• Deposit Alerts

Multi-unit franchise accounting solution

Focus on the rest of your business.

Your financials are handled.

We’ve bundled the entire accounting function for franchises–and manage it for you. Rest easy, our team of professionals has you covered.

Empowered Franchisees
"I love having Ceterus in my pocket! Having access to this critical information has really empowered me, and helped me take my businesses to the next level."
—  Steve Eddleston,  
Planet Fitness Multi-Unit Franchisee
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Let us help you outperform yesterday, every day.

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