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Resources for
Small Businesses

Entrepreneurial resourcefulness and resilience will ultimately lead to stronger businesses coming out of this challenging time.

However, the decisions you make now are critical.

This page is intended to provide resources to help small business entrepreneurs (SBE's) navigate and respond to the immediate challenges facing their businesses in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Join Levi Morehouse, Ceterus Founder & CEO, Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1:30 PM EST via Facebook Live for a Q&A to cover your questions during this challenging time.

COVID-19 and the current concerns of community spread have raised novel issues for many businesses. However, it can be difficult to understand how the Coronavirus will impact your business and what steps can be taken to mitigate that impact. Given the fluid nature of this global health crisis, Ceterus has curated some resources to help our customers navigate and respond to the immediate challenges facing their businesses.


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Q&A Archive

3.26.20 ​@ 1:30 PM EST

Episode Notes:


  • 27:56   Overview: The Care Act

  • 24:24   Not Law Yet, Details to Come

  • 17:40   Loan Requirements: Purpose is to
                Maintain Your Employees

                   - No Layoffs

                   - No Fees

                   - No Personal Guarantee’s

                   - Tax Relief

  • 9:54   SBA Economic Injury or Disaster Loan
              and Grant

  • 3:05   Is This A Time to Recruit Talent and
              Buy Distressed Businesses?

3.24.20 ​@ 1:30 PM EST

Episode Notes:


  • Intro

  • 19:31   2 R's: Resilience, Resourcefulness

  • 17:18   Cash is King: How to Optimize Your
                Cash During This Time

  • 14:58   Creative Ways to Save Money

  • 14:03   SMB Relief Package Update

  • 10:29   Is it right to continue to charge my
                customers membership fees when
                my business is shut down?

  • 7:55     Should I lay off, furlough or keep and
                re-purpose my staff?

  • 3:10     Sales Tax: Do I Have to Pay It?

3.19.20 ​@ 1:30 PM EST

Episode Notes:


  • Intro

  • 21:15   We’re Here for You: Using Our                        Network to Support You

  • 18:53   2 R’s: Resilience, Resourcefulness

  • 18:24   Decisions Today Impact Tomorrow

  • 17:52   Introducing the Ceterus COVID-19                Support Site

  • 12:07   How do you address clients     
                requesting discounts?

  • 10:44   Lay Offs vs. Furlough

  • 8:00     QSR Impact: Local vs. National

  • 7:03     Ideas: Managing Cash Flow During

  • 5:12     Restaurants: Burn Rate and Future 

  • 3:04     Working From Home: New Norm?