Ceterus Tax

A one-stop solution for entrepreneurs without a trusted tax advisor.

A Trusted Advisor

The most successful entrepreneurs have access and take advantage of a professional accountant to guide them through their tax and compliance needs.


The Ceterus solution works with your existing trusted CPA, if you have one. If you don't, we can provide you with a complete solution that includes done-for-you accounting and benchmarked reporting as well as tax and compliance consulting.

It's time to focus on the rest of your business.

One-Stop Shop

We set out to deliver a done-for-you accounting and benchmarked reporting solution that would help entrepreneurs and their accountants.


What we found was many entrepreneurs don't have a CPA to help with tax planning and preparation.

We are here to change that.

The Solution

Now you can have a done-for-you accounting solution and benchmarked reporting combined with tax planning and preparation. Pairing technology with a team of specialized CPAs means we can handle the complex task of your taxes. If you already have a trusted CPA, we can work with them to simplify your tax preparation.

Accounting, benchmarked reporting and tax planning & preparation are now all in one place.


Our Customers

A focus on small businesses and franchisees in targeted niche markets provides our customers with uniform accounting practices, access to peer benchmarked reporting, and a team of accountants with industry specific knowledge and experience.


Your taxes prepared by industry specialized CPAs.

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Hear From Empowered Entrepreneurs

“I've been franchising for over ten years and have worked with four local CPAs. My Ceterus CPA is by far the best I've worked with.


He understands the business model and takes time to explain things to us and listens to our input, which we love."

–Christie Meyers, European Wax Center