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Forecasting in Edge Web

 In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want all of our customers to leverage the power of the Forecasting tool. For a limited time, all customers will have access to the Forecasting feature in Edge Web. 
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What is Forecasting in Edge Web?

Cash Forecasting an estimate of projected cash flow based on your brand, historical financial performance, and point of sale reports. Actual results will vary based on factors such as increased spending, unexpected one-time inflow/outflow, or higher than normal membership cancellation rates. 

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What is the method to building your Forecast?

We take 3 key figures into account while building your forecast; projected inflow, outflow and today’s bank balance. Note: Only months with closed books will be taken into account. If you’ve come across an open month that you weren’t aware of contact your Customer Support Representative at

  Today’s Bank Balance


+       Projected Inflow  

–      Projected Outflow


=       Projected Balance

  • Projections Range: This can either be a period of 7, 30 or 90 days starting with today.

  • Inflow & Outflow Adjustments (coming soon): You can modify the inflow and outflow predictions by specifying a particular amount in the open adjustment field. To indicate a negative amount, the customer must add a negative sign “-” before the number itself. No modifications needed to indicate a positive number. 

Forecasting Export Feature

We understand that you may need to make additional adjustments to your projected balance given the recent changes to daily operations. You may export the Cash Forecasting report to Excel and make additional adjustments. Watch this video to learn more! 

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Does your bank balance seem “off”?

Oftentimes this is a result of a bank connection error and we need to update your credentials. If this is the case, we’ve reached to you seeking updated credentials. Please reach out to your Customer Success Representative so we can restore the connection.

What if I’m a new customer? How far back do the calculations go?

If data from the prior year doesn’t exist, we go back as far as possible to provide you with the best forecast we can possibly share. For example, if it is March 18th  2020, and we are trying to look back at your inflows from March 18th, 2019, but you started as a customer in January 2020, we will do a projection based off of January 2020 data.

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