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People + automation technology to eliminate manual, time-consuming bookkeeping tasks so that you can grow your firm and increase your margins.

Take advantage of automated accounting to grow your firm.

Technology is changing accounting, and we're here to help. Using a combination of people and technology, we automate the time-consuming, redundant and repeatable data-entry tasks so your accountants can focus more strategically on your clients.  

In addition to spending more time on value-added services, there is a massive benefit to this new reality:


You can now empower your small business entrepreneur clients.

How It Works

Connect to accounts
Ceterus Edge connects to your client’s data sources including their bank accounts, point-of-sale systems, and payroll systems.
Process the data
This data is processed through our industry-specific automated coding engine, which is programmed by Ceterus accountants. Our team ensures all data is processed— whether manually or entered via direct integration.
Journal entries
The coded transactions are then automatically entered as journal entries into QuickBooks Online via direct integration.
Review & alert
Automated reconciliation and variance reviews run on the financial data on a continuous basis, generating alerts for accountants and the business owner. And with Multi-Factor Authentication, we protect your financials through multiple security layers.
Present findings
Take your pick: You can interpret and analyze the data to present to your clients, or offer our client-facing secure, cloud-based technology so they can access their financials where and when they need them.

Empower your franchise clients.

You can provide our secure, cloud-based technology to your clients so they can access their financials where and when they need them.

Give them:

Advanced Technology: Let them experience the best in accounting technology by leveraging mobile access to their P&L’s from anywhere, anytime.

• Reporting: Our standard reporting delivers deep insights into your clients' financial performance.

• Benchmarks & KPI's: Compare sales, margin, expenses and KPI’s against peers in their industry or brand.

• Timely & Consistent Financials: Automated bookkeeping provides accurate and consistent entries.

Offer your clients easy access to their financials via Edge Mobile and Edge Web.

Easy access to your critical financial information.

Dig deeper with all your
financials in one place.

Bottom line: Automating tedious bookkeeping tasks lets you grow your firm and increase your margins.

Expand your impact without hiring additional staff.
Our automation and team become an extension of your business, allowing your staff to focus on value added services to your clients.
Gain access to cutting edge automation.
Automation is what we do best. By leveraging the Edge platform, we can deliver your clients’ books while keeping up with the rapidly changing industry demands. Always up to date, and done for you.
Deliver the most value to your clients.
Leverage our expertise in delivering timely, consistent financials through advanced technology.
Driving growth is non-negotiable.
Focus on expanding your impact and growing your client base while we deliver your monthly bookkeeping tasks.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I’ve always enjoyed technology. I recognize the industry is changing, and we’re not scared to change with it. In every industry, things will move towards automation in the near future. I want to be part of that by using Ceterus Edge for our firm."

– Debbie Corrington, CPA

Southard, Beckham, Atwater & Berry CPA, LLC

“We needed a way to scale-up our services in the dental sector as we have grown. We want to continue allowing our team to spend time with clients, specifically in the advisory capacity and this helps us accomplish that goal. By leveraging Ceterus, we’re able to grow more efficiently while providing added value to our dental clients, which in turn helps them grow, too.” 

Brad McKeiver, Principal

LBA Haynes Strand, PLLC

Ready to get started?


The way we have been doing accounting and bookkeeping works, why should we change?
Technology advancements and automation are here to stay. Building this technology is expensive and hard to do. The good news is, we have already done it. Leverage our technology and team to improve your bottom line.
We want to keep our personal client relationships.
The beauty of our solution that leverages our team, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning is that manual, time-consuming tasks are automated so your staff can spend more time with your clients ensuring you are offering them more value-add.
Our clients are on QuickBooks Desktop so do I have to move them all to QuickBooks online?
When you work with us, we handle moving your clients from QuickBooks Desktop (or enterprise) to the cloud. 
What about data security?
The Ceterus Edge platform is highly protected and encrypted. Our SaaS application platform resides in a data center which has achieved SOC 3 certification. Our infrastructure is also ISO 27017 (Cloud Security) and ISO 27018 (Cloud Privacy) compliant, and our platform uses the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. We use role based permissions to limit access to sensitive data on the platform. Additional security information is available under non-disclosure.
Will we have access to our client’s data?
Ceterus technology works on top of Quickbooks Online, so you always have access to your client’s data and can export a clean Quickbooks file any time you need to. The best part is you don’t need to learn our system, as it’s a complete solution not just a tool, and runs in the background.
Would my Ceterus team be in the United States?
Our employees are in the United States and most are based in our Charleston, SC headquarters. We utilize partners with offshore labor for some of our engineering, processing, and quality assurance. All customer communication is handled in the United States. All data is securely stored in data centers located in the United States and operated by Google.



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