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Ease your workload and reduce risk with on-time and accurate bookkeeping.

Leverage automation with Ceterus for CPAs so you can analyze results and advise your clients without hassle.

We automate the time-consuming tasks of collecting data, coding transactions, identifying exceptions, addressing broken data links, and reconciling statements, so you get more time back in your day.

Built by CPAs for CPAs

We've been in the business of helping small business entrepreneurs with their accounting for over 12 years, and the lessons learned have driven the development of the Ceterus for CPAs solution.  Accuracy and timeliness are critical components to delivering value and maintaining high standards—and achieving this without negatively impacting your team's morale is important.

By automating the bookkeeping process we were able to dramatically increase quality while increasing accountant-client coverage by nearly 200% and increasing staff retention by over 50%.

Ceterus for CPAs opens the door to these same benefits without disrupting the way you work with your clients today—you provide your client's data to us however you are currently receiving it.

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Bringing People and Technology Together

Enhance efficiency, team morale, client-accountant coverage, accuracy, and closing client books with a seamless approach to the way you are doing business.


This is our business too. We've been helping small business entrepreneurs with their accounting for over 12 years. The lessons we’ve learned have driven the development of our Ceterus for CPAs solution.  


With the process work off your plate, you can better support the consultation needs of your clients to fuel their growth.

How it Works:

Fusing with QBO, Gusto,, and other cloud applications you and your clients use today, Ceterus for CPAs electrifies your bookkeeping services and amps up your process with cloud computing and AI.

Grant us access
Grant us QBO file access and direct bank and credit card access, if available.  If not, we'll take what you have—PDF or CSV files.
Chart of accounts
We provide a starting point and work with you to make it right for you.
We process the transactions
We take care of coding, initial statement reconciliation, and reporting—accelerating the time to close while increasing the level of accuracy.
You get back to business
Add insights based on your experience with your clients and their industries. That’s it! We want your transition to automated bookkeeping to be disruption-free for your clients and as friction-free as possible for you.
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Boost Productivity

You choose how far you want to take the value your clients realize with Ceterus for CPAs. You can provide clients with a mobile reporting and an interactive  application branded with your firm’s logo that allows you to communicate directly with them. Ask questions about transactions that are new to the client, bring automation to the process of preparing 1099s at the end of the year, and manage access to the data coming directly from banks and credit card companies. 


You can use the mobile app to provide alerts and suggestions to your clients, share benchmarking information that can help guide business decisions, and even deliver monthly financial information via mobile reporting.

See how our CPA partners can leverage industry-specific benchmarking to provide topical insights to their clients.

Ready to get started?

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