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"Alexa, ask Edge Assistant, what's my 7 day cash forecast?"

As an entrepreneur, you are tasked with making daily decisions that impact the success of your business. Having real time financial information is a non-negotiable—and now it’s accessible via our Alexa app! Talk about convenient.

How it Works

Get Started

Once you've configured the Edge mobile app and downloaded the Amazon Alexa app, you can enable the Edge Assistant skill in a snap.

In the Ceterus Edge Mobile App

1. Go to Settings
2. Click on Alexa
3. Login with your Amazon account
4. Allow access to Profile if prompted
5. You should see a success message

Need to download the mobile app? Click here!

In the Alexa App

  1. Go to Menu > Skills & Games

  2. Click the Your Skills tab

  3. Click the Enabled tab (it may already be selected)

  4. Click Settings

  5. Click Link Account

  6. Login with your Amazon account

  7. You should see a success message

Get access to your most critical financial information simply using your voice.

Access your historical revenue and expenses as well as up to date revenue, COGS, and EBITDA for each franchise location.
Ensure that you have enough cash on hand with our Cash Forecasting feature. Cash Forecasting projects cash balances 7 and 30 days into the future.
Know how much your portfolio is worth with Edge's earnings multiplier.

Things You Can Ask

Here are examples of some things you can ask Alexa about your locations. First, be sure to say, “Alexa, open Edge Assistant”.
"What is my 30 day cash forecast"?
"What were my sales last month?"
"What is my 7 day cash forecast"?
"What is my predicted balance for next week?"
"What is my Edge Valuation?"
"How much is my business worth?"
"Which vendors get a 1099?"
"Where is my loan on my financials?"
"What is my daily snapshot?"
For a complete list of questions you can ask Alexa, download our customer guide.

Have Questions?

From setting up the skill to troubleshooting it, we’ve got answers.

To open a support ticket please e-mail

Your data privacy matters to us. Before using Edge Assistant,
understand the Terms and Conditions of the Alexa skill.
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