Daily insights.

Easy and secure access to your critical financial information.
See consolidated revenue, COGS, EBITDA and expenses for all locations when you open the app. With the Multi-Factor Authentication security layer, rest easy knowing your data is highly secure.
Understand your portfolio value.
Know how much your portfolio is worth with Edge's earnings multiplier.
Have a pulse on all of your franchise locations.
View your historical revenue and expenses as well as up to date revenue, COGS, expenses and EBITDA for each franchise location at a glance.
Leverage KPIs for better decisions.
See your most critical non-financial key performance indicators benchmarked against peers in your franchise right from your phone.
Get quick insights.
Financial benchmarks compare your performance to peers in your franchise in areas such as revenue, EBITDA, margin, and key expense categories.
Use daily updates to keep tabs on your businesses.
Get daily financial updates with daily cash and sales for each of your stores with week over week and year over year comparisons.
Potential fraud alerts notify you if there is a discrepancy between sales and deposits.
Defend against fraud.
Plan for the future.
Ensure that you have enough cash on hand with our Cash Forecasting feature. Cash Forecasting projects cash balances 7 and 30 days into the future.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Edge Mobile

“I access everything I need most frequently on my phone, so my financials are no exception. Having access to my financial information as well as non-financial KPIs at any time is key for running my businesses, and I love having franchise benchmarks so that I can see where each of my locations’ strengths and weaknesses are. The year over year benchmarks are also critical metrics that I use to drive business decisions, so having that in my pocket is invaluable."

–Sam Biggs, Multi-Unit Massage Envy Franchisee

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