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Free Ceterus Tax Assessment

Reduce Anxiety Ahead of Tax Season 

​Just thinking about taxes related to your small business can cause anxiety, especially as the IRS is dramatically ramping up the number of auditors.  Ceterus has years of experience planning and preparing taxes for thousands of franchisees and small business owners.  We understand small business and the unique needs and concerns of small business owners. Our free assessment will help with questions like:

  • Are you taking advantage of all the credits and deductions your business is eligible to take?

  • Are you doing anything that could increase your risk of being audited as the IRS is increasing the number of audit and review resources?

  • Are there things you can do now to impact your 2022 tax exposure?

  • Are there things you can do now to position your business for 2023 taxes?

Start reducing tax anxiety now by clicking below to schedule your free tax assessment.

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