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Meet the premier done-for-you accounting solution designed for multi-unit franchisees. Accounting and bookkeeping done the way it is supposed to be. No tools or people to manage. Just results.  

Financial data

that works for you.

Managing multiple franchise businesses can be chaotic. Our solution lets you see side-by-side financials for all of your franchise locations and benchmarks your data against peers in your franchise.


Imagine knowing exactly where to invest, where to cut back and when to expand.


With anytime, anywhere access via our mobile app, these critical insights are always in your pocket.

How it Works

Grant us access
We securely integrate with your bank, POS, credit cards and payroll provider to access your financial information.  
We work our magic
Using a combination of people for human insight and automation for speed and precision, we take bookkeeping off your plate.  
You get back to business
With our intuitive software, keep a pulse on the financial health of your businesses from anywhere and know precisely where to invest your time and capital.

The Edge solution includes easy access to your financials via Edge Mobile and Edge Web.

Easy access to your critical financial information.

Edge Mobile provides easy access to your financial information.

Dig deeper with all your
financials in one place.

Ceterus Edge bookkeeping and accounting.

Bottom line: Understanding the financial health of your franchises drives better decisions. With Ceterus enjoy:

Accountants with specific franchise brand expertise to support you.
Franchise-focused accounting team
Peer franchise benchmarking
Compare stats with peers in your franchise so you can see how you stack up.
Cash flow forecasting
Cash balances projected 7 to 30 days into the future.
Daily cash & daily sales
Use our web and mobile apps to keep tabs on what is important—cash!
Fast financials
Financial reports delivered on time to your laptop or mobile device.
Multi-unit financial reports
See how your financials compare across your franchises, even if you own multiple concepts.
Multi-Factor Authentication
We don’t stop at password protection. We protect your financials through multiple security layers.
Continuous account reconciliations
Easily see account reconciliations when they happen, not just at the end of the month.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Having an accounting firm that understands franchising is great. With other accounting firms I had to spend a lot of time getting them the information they needed in order to file reports. I don't need to do any of that with Ceterus. Ceterus knows all the POS systems and pulls the reports—and all of the finanicials are accurate—without me having to do the work."

–Rob Tobias,

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