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[Case Study] Jay Park, Multi-Unit Jimmy John's Franchisee

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Jimmy John's accounting solution
Jay Park with his team at one of his Jimmy John's locations.

With so many existing and new projects on his plate, multi-unit Jimmy John's franchisee Jay Park needed efficient, reliable systems in place to keep his businesses running smoothly.

Frustrated with some of the slower manual processes he’d been using, Jay turned to Ceterus.

“It’s all about turnaround time and numbers when you’re trying to run a small business,” says Jay. “Ceterus gets us the P&Ls within a week after the period ends, so it’s easy to make adjustments in time.”

Jay manages the bookkeeping for all three of his Jimmy John’s locations via Ceterus Edge, a platform that’s brought more data and transparency to his operations.

Download the case study to read more about Jay's entrepreneurial journey here.

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