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Getting Reports Ready to Apply: Economic Disaster Recovery Loan (EIDL)

Applying for an EIDL loan involves gathering operating data to show revenue and cost of goods sold.

You will need a Profit and Loss Statement for the period February 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020 to show your Total Revenue and your Total Cost of Goods Sold.

You can obtain that P&L from Ceterus Edge by following these steps and/or watching this video:

P&L by Month Step by Step Instructions:

1. Log in to Edge Web

2. Click “Financials” on the left-hand toolbar

3. Click “Profit and Loss”

4. Select “By Month” on the top toolbar

4a. Specify your “Date Range” and “Locations” if desired

4b. Here, you will select 2/1/2019 - 1/31/2020

5. Once the report runs, select the blue “Download” icon to export your P&L to Excel

As you prepare to apply for an EIDL loan, watch this video to see the actual online application process:

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